UPSC PT 2022: Cut off

UPSC had conducted civil services preliminary test 2022 on 5th June 2022. As the exam was over, aspirants rushed for the answer key. Then, they matched their answers with various answer keys available online as well as offline. Now, it is the turn of UPSC PT 2022 cut off. Once, the aspirants are done with answer matching and score calculation. Then, they rush for the cut off marks. Since, the cut off marks decide whether one is going to qualify prelims and write mains or not! You may check the UPSC PT 2022 GS paper 1 answer key here. Marks scored in general studies paper 1 is only considered for the competition. General studies paper 2 of UPSC civil services preliminary exam is qualifying in nature. One has to score 33% only to be eligible to be in the competition. Marks scored in this paper are not added.

You may check the UPSC PT 2022 GS paper 2 answer key here.

Cut off is based on the marks of general studies paper 1 only. So, score calculation becomes very crucial. For each correct answer, 2 marks are awarded in GS paper 1. And, for each wrong answer 0.66 mark is deducted. Unattended questions do not contribute. So, before you jump to the UPSC civil service pre 2022 cut off, it is necessary to calculate your score as accurately as possible. Suppose one has 60 correct answers, 20 incorrect answers and 20 unattended questions. Then, the score will be {(60×2)}+{20×(-0.66)}+(0×20) = 120-13.2+0 =106.8. Once you are done with your calculation then go for the cut off.

Check out the expected UPSC PT 2022 cut off

UPSC civil services PT cut off depends on a few things. Like, difficulty level of the question paper, number of vacancies etc. On enquiring the aspirants it has been revealed that some of the questions were difficult. Their option elimination was tricky. This year’s paper was more as it was asked 4-5 years ago. In short, we can say that the question paper was moderate to tough. In addition, general studies paper 2 may become a hurdle for many. But, numbers are higher than previous years. This is a plus point.

All these drag the expected UPSC PT 2022 cut off to 85-86 for general category. You may keep a buffer zone of 2 marks (+/- 2). In other words, it is expected to be somewhere between 83-87 for the general category. For EWS and OBC it is expected to be between 77-81 and 80-85 respectively. And, For SC and ST it is expected to be between 69-74 and 66-70 respectively. This is just an expectation based on the question paper and aspirants opinion. Finally, everything falls under the jurisdiction of UPSC.

Check previous year’s cut offs here.

General87.54   92.51   98.00

Words of wisdom

If you are above 90, you are at a safe place. Please start your preparation. Don’t waste your time. Time is precious, value it, utilise it. Brush your optional quickly. Must practice answer writing daily. Write at least one essay in a week. Maybe, on sunday. Fix a day and follow it religiously. And, even if you are on the border line or below it, then also prepare for mains. Yes, this is a serious mistake aspirants make. This is the time everyone around you will be preparing and talking about UPSC mains. You also do the same. It will boost you psychologically. In addition, you will move beyond pre preparation. And, when you give your mains then it won’t haunt you as if you are new to it. Reading, writing and revision is the key.

Best wishes.