UPSC PT 2022 GS PAPER 1 Answer Key

UPSC PT 2022 GS PAPER 1 Answer Key

UPSC CSE PT 2022 was scheduled on June 5th 2022 (Sunday) that is today. UPSC releases its official answer key once the final result is out. But, as soon as the preliminary exam gets over every aspirant impatiently needs the authentic UPSC PT 2022 GS paper 1 answer key. Because they need to confirm their expected score from a reliable and authentic source. It becomes very crucial to calculate the expected score because the further journey, as well as planning, is dependent on that. Especially, those who are apprehensive and unsure need to assure themselves with authentic and reliable sources.

We are sharing the authentic UPSC 2022 Pre general studies paper 1 answer key for all 4 sets A, B, C & D. Before checking your answers make sure your set number. Otherwise, your score calculation will be wrong. If you want to check answers with questions (one by one) then click here (Here answer key is in question and answer format)

Check out UPSC PT 2022 GS Paper 1 Answer Key here

Answer Key of UPSC PT 2022 GS Paper 1

Check out the answer key here. Please match each and every question very patiently. Impatient work results in wrong output. Don’t panic at all. Stay calm during and after matching your answers and calculating your score. No success is final, no failure is fatal.

How to calculate your UPSC pre score with general studies paper 1 answer key of UPSC PT 2022?

Firstly, match your answers with the answers in the key. Then make three rows. One for the number of answers attempted correctly.  Second, for the number of answers went wrong. Third, for the unattempted questions. Now, unattempted questions will neither bring negative marking nor marks. Correct answers will bring 2 marks for each question and wrong answers will deduct ⅔ marks or 0.66 marks for each question. So, if on matching answers with the UPSC PT 2022 GS paper 1 answer key someone gets 60 correct answers, 20 incorrect and 20 unattempted. Then, it means that the candidate has scored (60×2) – (20×0.66) =106.8.

This calculation is for general studies paper 1 only. In GS paper one, 2 marks is allotted for each correct answer and 0.66 marks is deducted for a wrong answer. But, in UPSC PT 2022 general studies paper 2, it is not the same. In this paper, for each answer 2.5 marks is given and 0.83 marks is deducted

UPSC PT 2022 GS PAPER 2 Answer Key Coming Soon.

Words of wisdom

Lakhs of aspirants have appeared today for this prestigious exam. It is not a cake walk. It takes a lot. You are among those courageous people who decide to take this path. No matter what, never give up in life. Exams are important part of life. But, life is most precious.